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Nov, 2011 ~
There is no better testimonial for me than a repeat customer! 
Here is a cute couple that just ordered a Sandwritten to give as a Christmas present.  She wanted me to see what her first order looked like.  Truly the best!

I just got home and guess what was on our front step?  The picture!  The picture is absolutely perfect!  I was there when my dad and his new wife opened their presents and believe me, this one was by far the best!  Thank you So, So, So much!
                                                                                                         ~  Brooklyn & Brenda C.

I just received my first order from you this morning.  I have to tell you it is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you so much.  You truly have a gift and should be very proud.  I will be telling everyone I know about your beautiful work!
                                                                                                         ~  Kelli F.

Thank you again for the beautiful photo!  I love your work and can not wait to order another one of your unique photos for another friend.  You are very talented.
                                                                                                         ~  Laurie L.

Thank you so much for rushing my order.  It is perfect!
                                                                                                         ~  Cherie M.

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