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Order a Sandwritten
There are currently two ways to order.
Call me at 760-809-8733
Send an email to sandwritten@roadrunner.com with the following information:
   1.  what you would like written in the sand
   2.  anything special you would like me to add to the photo (starfish, rocks or something personal)
   3.  what are you ordering?  framed photograph (what size?), unframed photograph (what size?), greeting cards
   4.  where would you like it shipped?
   5.  how would you like to pay?  would you like to send me a check or shall I send you a paypal invoice?
   6.  if this is a gift, would you like for me to include a gift card for the recipient?

If there is any additional information that I will need from you, I will let you know.

Yep, that's me at work!

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